Fellow Rotarians in District 5130 ...

July 2017 – Happy New Rotary Year

“Rotary, Making A Difference”  Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s theme for 2017-18.

As RI Secretary John Hewko recently said, “We are on the verge of leaving the world a gift that will last for as long as humans inhabit this planet.”  A planet free of the poliovirus…

How’s that for

Making a Difference”

I start off by quoting President Ian’s theme and Secretary Hewko’s comment, because they meld so beautifully together.  And because total polio eradication will rank as one of the biggest accomplishments in medical history…and we will all be a part of it. 

Hi, I’m Bob Rogers, and I have the honor and privilege of serving as your District Governor for this next Rotary year. 

As you may all know, The Gates Foundation, for the last 4 years, has offered us a 2:1 match for PolioPlus funds, up to $35 million per year.  At the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta last month Bill Gates Jr. announced they will continue the 2:1 match, and have INCREASED the match to $50 million (from $35 million) and extended it for 3 years.

To that end, District 5130 will strive to do it’s part to help raise that $50 million, by staging a 6 day bicycle ride, from one end of our district to the other called Pedal 4 Polio. A dedicated cadre of Rotarian bike riders will ride from Crescent City to Petaluma and solicit pledges for their rides, at the very minimum, of 10 cents per mile (Remember the March of Dimes?).  10 cents times 350 miles equals $35.  If each and every one of us in this district donated $35 towards a rider, that would amount to $84,000 (And after the Gates match, $252,000)…That’s “Making a Difference”  Please consider supporting your favorite rider.  Right now the list of riders are, in no particular order:

  • Pedal 4 Polio Riders you can support

     (as of 8/9/17)



    Kevin Eisenberg - Calistoga

    David Moon-Wainwright – Calistoga

    John Cottle – Mendocino

    Monica Rosenthal – Middletown

    Chris Ranney - Petaluma

    Matthew Carter – Honorary Member Petaluma Valley

    Peter Hoberg – Santa Rosa Sunrise

    Richard Power – Sebastopol

    Bob Rogers – Sebastopol

    Brain Bauer – Sebastopol Sunrise

    Ellie Laherty – Spouse of Sebastopol Sunrise (1/2 relay)

    Patrick Laherty – Sebastopol Sunrise (1/2 relay)

    Bill Sauber – Sebastopol Sunrise

    Sid Noyes – Southwest Eureka



    Brad Walton – Willits



    Mike Merrill – Santa Rosa West



    James Brenton – Healdsburg

    Paul Frechette – Healdsburg

    Mel Schatz – Healdsburg

    Emilio Dela Cruz – Kelseyville Sunrise

    Brett Shinn - Petaluma

    Ryan Mason – Petaluma Sunrise

    Andrea Pierotti – Petaluma Sunrise

    Al Statz – Petaluma Sunrise       

    Jennifer Carter – Petaluma Valley

    John Fitzgerald – Petaluma Valley

    Russell Rice – Petaluma Valley

    George Malkemus – Rancho Cotati

    Mike Pastryk – Rohnert Park/Cotati

    Julie Montgomery – Santa Rosa East

    Greg Gill - Sebastopol

    Michael Hixson – Sebastopol

    Troy McAdams – Friend of Sebastopol

    Craig Curreri - Windsor

    Brian Ling - Windsor



    Larry Lira – Santa Rosa East – SAG Driver

    Peg Rogers – Sebastopol - SAG Driver

    David Mark-Raymond – Sebastopol Sunrise – SAG Driver

We are also looking for more riders, especially for the last day’s ride from Cloverdale to Petaluma.  Can’t make it to Cloverdale?  Then join the ride in either Healdsburg or Santa Rosa as they come through your area.  The 3 Petaluma Clubs, along with Rancho Cotati and Rhonert Park-Cotati are puttin’ on a party to end all parties as the cyclists arrive at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma.  Music, food, beer, wine and good ole Rotarian Fellowship.  What’s not to like.  To find out more information about the ride, the party, and to register for the ride, go to:


One additional thought.  This is truly a District wide event.  Clubs all along the ride will be supporting the riders as they arrive, with either a rest stop, or at the end of the day, with a potluck/social, then host them for the night in their homes, and then send them off in the morning with a hearty breakfast and a God speed.  For this to succeed we need everyone’s help…and donations…$35 or more, to make this a great District 5130 success.  Feel the pride of being a District 5130 Rotarian!!!

As a polio survivor, this will be one of my main focuses this year.  Please support us and do your District a favor…do Rotary International a favor, do every child on earth a favor…End Polio Now!

District Governor Club Visit Schedule


Lost Coast Rotaract   Monday 7/176:30 PM
Old Town EurekaTuesday7/188:00 AMTuesday7/187:00 AM
ArcataWednesday7/1910:00 AMWednesday7/1912:00 PM
North Bay Rotaract   Wednesday7/196:00 PM
Mad RiverThursday7/2010:00 AMThursday7/2012:00 PM
Del Norte SunriseTuesday7/255:30 PMWednesday7/267:00 AM
Crescent CityThursday7/2710:00 AMThursday7/2712:15 PM
Southwest EurekaFriday7/2810:00 AMFriday7/2812:00 PM
EurekaMonday7/3110:00 AMMonday7/3112:00 PM
UkiahTuesday8/110:00 AMTuesday8/112:00 PM
Russian RiverTuesday8/14:00 PMTuesday8/16:30 PM
South UkiahWednesday8/24:00 PMThursday8/37:00 AM
WillitsThursday8/310:00 AMThursday8/312:15 PM
MiddletownThursday8/35:30 PMFriday8/47:15 AM
GarbervilleTuesday8/810:00 AMTuesday8/812:00 PM
Fortuna SunriseTuesday8/85:00 PMWednesday8/96:45 AM
FortunaThursday8/1010:00 AMThursday8/1012:00 PM
Rohnert Park-CotatiMonday8/214:00 PMTuesday8/227:15 AM
Santa Rosa West Rotaract   Tuesday 8/225:30PM
CalistogaThursday8/2410:00 AMThursday8/2412:00 PM
GualalaFriday8/2510:00 AMFriday8/2512:15 PM
HealdsburgMonday8/2810:00 AMMonday8/2812:15 PM
WindsorMonday8/284:00 PMTuesday8/297:15 AM
Clear LakeTuesday8/2910:30 AMTuesday8/2912:00 PM
Healdsburg SunriseTuesday8/294:00 PMWednesday8/307:00 AM
CloverdaleThursday8/3110:00 AMThursday8/3112:15 PM
North NapaTuesday9/54:00 PMTuesday9/56:30 PM
NapaWednesday9/610:00 AMWednesday9/612:00 PM
Napa SunriseWednesday9/64:00 PMThursday9/77:00 AM
Santa Rosa WestMonday9/1110:00 AMMonday9/1112:15 PM
Santa Rosa EastTuesday9/1210:00 AMTuesday9/1212:15 PM
Southern Sonoma Rotaract  Tuesday9/126:30 PM
Santa RosaWednesday9/1310:00 AMWednesday9/1312:00 PM
Santa Rose SunriseWednesday9/134:00 PMThursday9/147:15 AM
Arcata SunriseThursday9/144:00 PMFriday9/157:00 AM
Fort BraggWednesday9/2010:00 AMWednesday9/2012:15 PM
Mendocino  1st & 3rdThursday9/2110:00 AMThursday9/2112:15 PM
Sebastopol SunriseTuesday9/264:00 PMWednesday9/277:15 AM
FerndaleTuesday10/34:00 PMTuesday10/37:30 PM
Valley of the MoonThursday 10/54:00 PMFriday10/67:30 AM
Sonoma State U Rotaract   Friday10/62:00 PM
LakeportWednesday10/1110:00 AMWednesday10/1112:00 PM
Kelseyville SunriseThursday10/124:00 PMFriday10/137:00 AM
Sonoma ValleyWednesday10/1810:00 AMWednesday10/1812:00 PM
Glen Ellen-KenwoodWednesday10/184:00 PMWednesday10/185:30 PM
Rancho CotatiThursday10/1910:00 AMThursday10/1912:15 PM
Saint HelenaTuesday10/2410:00 AMTuesday10/2412:15 PM
Petaluma ValleyWednesday10/2510:00 AMWednesday10/2512:00 PM
PetalumaThursday10/2610:00 AMThursday10/2612:00 PM
Petaluma SunriseThursday10/264:00 PMFriday10/277:15 AM
SebastopolFriday10/2710:00 AMFriday10/2712:15 PM




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